Flood and tornado rain down blessings on woman

Marble Falls resident Delores Torrez never thought a flood and a tornado would turn into the best gift of her life.

Back in July, a funnel cloud passed over her already flood-damaged house.

“When I saw my house, the way it was, I never thought it would come to this day,” Torrez said. “I sit there. It’s a dream, but it’s not a dream, its true.”

Volunteers took three months to tear down the old house and build a new one. Torrez was handed the keys to her new home at a dedication ceremony Sunday.

More than 75 people made the moment possible. They were neighbors, people from local churches and businesses and volunteers with the Mennonite Disaster Service of Canada.

Denise Torns of the Highland Lakes/Hill Country Long Term Recovery Committee said many strangers have graciously offered their services for Torrez.

“Just pray; things will come,” Torrez’s son, Hank Parker, said. “Here’s proof: Delores. I’m proud she’s my mother.”

Torrez said now that she won’t be busy trying to keep her house standing, she’ll do more volunteering. The best part of the whole experience is sharing the blessing, she said.

The Highland Lakes/Hill Country Long Term Recovery Committee helps homeowners recover from natural disasters. It’s looking for donations to help other clients in need.


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